Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I wonder what he's thinking

Little Bit is so attached to both DH and me. It's sweet. At the very least, he wants to know where each of us is. When DH picked him up from daycare yesterday, LB asked, "Momma?" as they reached the car. Sometimes we pick him up together; I wait in the car, then we head to dinner out at a restaurant.

"No, Mamma's at home."
"Yes, at home."

For the short drive home, this conversation played over several times. "Mamma?" "Mamma's at home." "Home?"

While I was rocking LB to sleep last night, several times, he asked, "Dadda?"
"Dadda's in the other room."
"Yes. In the other room."
(several minutes pass)

Over the weekend, we decided to try on LB's new sandals to break them in before the trip to Hawaii. They look like mini-Tevas, with velcro straps to fasten them. LB protested mightily when we tried to put them on, saying, "No! No! No!"

I'm not sure what was going on his little mind. Did he think they were broken? They have open sides and tops, after all. Was he worried that if he wasn't wearing his tennis shoes, then he couldn't go outside?

We got them on his feet. Poor Little Bit was not happy. He started crying. Real tears. Then, DH got the bright idea to change his own shoes from boots to Teva-like sandals. We all went outside, to show him that he could go out in these shoes, too!

DH then lifted his own foot next to LB's feet and pointed to the shoes. "Look! We're wearing the same shoes! Look!" LB noticed that he could see his dad's toes. And he could see his own! How cool!

Finally, the storm cleared, and there was a shy smile through the tears on his cheeks. When we got to the restaurant, Little Bit was proudly showing off his new shoes to everyone!

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shuttle mom said...

Kids get attatched to certain shoes. Mine wore cowboy boots with everything. I was so happy when they moved out of that stage, especially the girls.