Friday, April 24, 2009

He's just a little feller

Scene: Dropping Little Bit off at daycare

DH says, "Son, you need to leave your toys in the car. (points to front door of daycare) Miss Donna* put up a sign that says everyone has to leave their toys at home."

Little Bit considers this.
"Let's pretend it says 'yes'!"

DH quickly says, "OK. Then we'll pretend we took the toys inside."

Little Bit considers this...hrmmmm...then, he leaves his toys in the car.

*We live in the South, ya'll. All the daycare teachers are addressed as Miss Donna, Miss Kate, etc. Little Bit is also taught to say "Yes, ma'am" or "Yes, sir" as appropriate.

I'm way behind on reading/commenting on the usual blogs I read, and of course I haven't posted much lately. There's only so much "free" time in the day; lately I've been reading personal finance blogs and getting lots of good ideas about being frugal and tricks to keep on budget, and so on. Either that or trying to catch up on the DVR'ed shows recorded while we watch the evening cartoons with Little Bit.

Little Bit is staying up later than he probably should. We let him watch his favorite cartoons on Noggin, which end at 8pm. By the time we get him to sleep, it can be past 8:30pm. That doesn't leave much evening. Last night we actually got him into bed and asleep by 7:30pm. He had quite a day though. He woke up feeling out of sorts, wanting to gather all his toys and things around himself on the couch. He really didn't want to go to daycare; he seemed like he might have a bit of a bug. So, he got to stay home with DH for some extra attention. When he felt better in the afternoon, they played outside for awhile. Unfortunately, Little Bit got really overheated very quickly. He has my fair skin, but he also has a high normal body temperature, and his face broke out in a heat rash.

This morning, Little Bit broke my heart protesting getting dressed to go to daycare. He kept crying for me to come hold him, while DH tried to put on a fresh pull-up.

Little Bit yelled, "No pull-up! I baby!"

:-( It broke my heart. He's been feeling insecure I think. I would imagine it's rough trying to dance along that line between wanting to get out and explore and wanting to be held close and safe by mom and dad. In another 10 years or so, we'll get to go through his puberty. Wheeeeee.

DH and I are thinking about taking Little Bit out of daycare part-time. That way he can get more one-on-one attention from his dad. Socialization is good, but he's only almost three. He's just a little feller.

Monday, April 20, 2009

These are not the droids you're looking for

One advantage to having a one story house is that during a very rainy day, we can still play kickity-kick ball up and down the long hallway down the middle of the house. Little Bit loves to kick and throw the ball. We have to remind him to stay in the hallway with the ball. The hallway doesn't have lamps or expensive stereo equipment to knock over. Little Bit said over the weekend that he wanted to play basketball. So, DH held his arms out in front of him in a hoop shape.

After a few tries, where the ball went flying up and backwards over his head, Little Bit figured out the easy way. He stepped forward and threw the ball up through the "hoop". I love how clever he is.

Daycare actually sent home a note last week saying that we should stop using diapers at all and just go to pull-ups or training pants. Also, to bring lots of extra clothes to school in case of accidents. I guess they really want Little Bit to get all the way potty trained. However, he still won't tell us when he has to go potty. He doesn't seem to care if he's got a dirty diaper. We can smell it, but he just keeps playing and will even deny it if you ask him if he poo-poo'ed. We put him in only pull-ups over the weekend, and we took him to the potty, but he never did tell us before he had to go, and he didn't even go when we sat him on the potty. (sigh)

Little Bit seems to be entering the "threes". He wants to do things himself. He wants things done a certain way. If they aren't, he gets so mad! He'll cry and almost grind his teeth back and forth in frustration. He enters the "No zone", where he will only answer no to any question. Any hope for cooperation is out the window.

I'm doing ok. I think the new prescription is helping with my hormone imbalance, but I still had some grouchy feelings during my regular PMS weeks. Hopefully after a few more months that will even out as well. I still feeling run down and think I still have a lingering sinus infection, because I don't always do the antibiotic treatment twice a day like I'm supposed to. My doc has me on the nebulized antibiotics still and wants me to wean off them slowly. I need to get to feeling better, so I can actually have the energy to start dancing/exercising regularly. I feel so blah about being so out of shape. I used to exercise regularly with dance, so it was fun and not "exercise". Now I'm so out of shape that the last time I got out a dance DVD a number of weeks ago, I was panting like crazy and could barely walk the next day. I didn't even complete the whole workout. Blech.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Purple -- One day all babies will be born healthy

My heart and eyes are full of tears for this family. Their sweet, beautiful, little 17 month old girl passed away a few days ago. She was born 11 weeks premature in November of 2007. Her parents are requesting donations be made to the March of Dimes in memory of Madeline Alice Spohr in lieu of flowers. They had been planning to march in the upcoming March of Dimes walk with Maddie. The outpouring of love from the blog world is wonderful to see -- the donations for their March of Dimes walk team has gone from less than a few thousand to $21,000+ in the last few days.

While my little guy wasn't premature, he spent 2 weeks in the NICU for respiratory failure when he was only 2.5 weeks old. The March of Dimes cause is close to my heart as well.

Hug your little ones a little tighter tonight.