Monday, June 16, 2008

Reading with a two year old

Little Bit's favorite book right now is "Go, Dog. Go!" He loves to 'read' along with me, repeating the words. I love reading books with him. You know that fuzzy, warm glow picture that you might have had before becoming a parent of reading stories and singing nursery rhymes to your child? That's what it feels like.

He's snuggled up in my lap, leaning back against me. My little baby, already twice as tall as when he was born. Already needing a size 9 toddler shoe. My baby who loves to jump and laugh and run. According to height predictors, he'll probably be 6 feet tall in another 16 years. But right now, I can hold him in my lap. His hand still fits within mine. His little body curves next to my heart. I hold the book, but he turns the pages.

"Bundle up so you don't f'eeze!!" he says, holding up his feet, happy to be part of the story.

Said very seriously and loudly, "S'top dawg, 'top!" He emphasizes the 'stop' with kicks of his little legs.

Then, I read, "Go, dog! Go! It's green ahead!"

"Green a-head!" he says, putting his hands on his head. Ahead - head, get it? I can't help but laugh.

He knows the book well enough now to anticipate what's next.

"...Climb that ladder to..." I read.

"Dawg part-ee!!" he says with glee.

In hearing other stories, he's fascinated with the Mama and/or DaDa. He points to the Mama bunny in "Runaway Bunny" and says, "Mama?" "Mama?"

He points to the Mama and Dada birds (the Nene) in his "Goodnight, Hawaii" book. "Mama," he points to the bird, then, says, "Mama" and pats my stomach. He points to the baby birds. "Bee-bee!" he says. Pointing to himself, "Bee-bee!" he says proudly.

Yes, I say, you are my baby.

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