Wednesday, June 4, 2008

You say it's your birthday

Life has exploded again, so I haven't had a chance to post or read blogs lately...Little Bit's birthday party on May 26th was a great success. We had about 22 adults and a few toddlers running around. It was loud and hectic and fun and tiring and awesome.

Lil Bit got all sorts of great toys -- a bouncy/hopper ball with a horse cover, a large AquaDoodle pad for drawing, a toy firetruck which has a working siren, cool new books, a toy submarine for the bath, bath paints, etc. The most popular gift to buy was apparently a bubble blower lawnmower; he got two! and he'd already been given one last year, too! So, we took two back and kept the third one that he's already been using.

Of course, there was lots of good food and cake to eat.

Updated to add: Our niece put up this funny video from the birthday party of Little Bit and his cousin Bethany and their Mexican standoff. In the video, you also get to see Lil Bit's new red tricyle!! He loves it. No video of the hair-pulling (by Lil Bit) and the pushing (by Bethany); maybe that's just as well. No evidence for court. ;-) It's kind of funny watching the two of them try to work things out. Watch for the part in the video where Lil Bit is telling his dad about the floor hurting him when he fell off the trike, and then Lil Bit saying, "No, no, no!" to the floor.

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