Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time to bloom

So, remember back in March when I wrote about planting wildflower seeds in our yard? Have you been wondering how our yard looks?

Yeah, our yard looks nothing like this. I scattered those wildflower seeds in fresh organic dirt and then watered them. These are wildflowers, ya'll. They grow by the side of the road, hanging onto small dirt patches, coughing in automobile fumes. But they didn't grow in my flower beds. I suppose I was a little too "survival of the fittest" and didn't even give them extra watering beyond the first week. Obviously, I did not get the fittest seeds.

There were a few pitiful sprouts in the front flowerbeds, but most of those turned out to be weeds. I did get some successful sprouts in the backyard -- two lavender plants now about 2 inches tall, two "St. John's fire" salvia, and two flowering vines that have reached 8 inches tall. I feel so proud.

I plan to spend a lot of green at Lowe's and buy potted wildflowers -- daisies and sages and violets, oh my. Yeah, this time, we're setting up a drip irrigation system and actually watering the darn things.


shuttle mom said...

My boys and hubby manage to mow or weed-eat ours just as they are ready to bloom. I gave up.

Avonlea said...

Shuttle mom, so far my flowers have managed to stay alive. Thankfully, our flowerbeds are such that unless DH was mowing while drunk, he's not going to run over them! :-)