Monday, March 31, 2008

His vocabulary just keeps growing!

Little Bit's language devlopment is just growing leaps and bounds. We are also getting better at understanding what he's saying, especially using context to help decode his toddler-speak.

DH (changing Little Bit's diaper): Oooooo!! Stinky diaper!!

Little Bit (questioning whether he has the right word or not): Poo?

DH (LHAO): Yes, poo!

Another quick scene:

Me (trying to get the breakable pretty out of Little Bit's hands)

DH: Of course he wants it. Mommy wanted it too, but she has a credit card!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Mommy Track

So, here I am with another of the choices faced by moms who work outside the house. My manager is offering for me to attend/observe a week long training at Kennedy Space Center. I would be coming up to speed, related to becoming a focal for our team on this work. I would love to go observe the training. Seeing astronaut training in person at KSC? Heck, yeah!! But that would mean being away from Little Bit for about 6 days. Before becoming a mom and before marriage, I was all about business trips. I got to travel and stay in hotels and eat out all on work's dime. Plus, I got to participate in usually interesting work. It was great.

Now, though, I can't imagine being away from Little Bit for that many days and nights. He still needs me too much. I need him too much. I need to see him at the end of the day, to hear his laugh, to hug him close.

Last night's "Canterbury's Law" on TV had several scenes of the main character remembering when her son (about 5-7 years old?) disappeared - a mom's worst nightmare. And it was *her* fault, related to work even. (Damn those writers! for playing on a working mother's guilt.) She answered a call from work, looking away from her son playing on the playground. When she finished the call, he was gone, a black van pulling away in the background. The feeling of that scene and its horror haunted me. In last night's dreams, I was, at one point, desperately looking for Little Bit. When I found him, safe with friends, just on the other side of the house, I hugged him tight and kissed his little face.

I want to go to the training for work, but right now, I just *can't*. In the pull between him and work, Little Bit wins.

Check out my cool rides


Getting a big boy haircut.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Next stop, Hawaii

Happy news, happy news!! We are going to Hawaii for a vacation next month. I happened to be surfing the interweb and found out about some awesome airfare deals (basically half price!). We were planning to go this fall anyway, but we just moved the plans up. I'm a little afraid of the 8 hr plane ride with a toddler, but we will just have to take turns amusing him, walking him up and down the aisle, etc. It's going to be so fun to introduce him to the ocean.

On other news, something I meant to write about and hadn't yet - my doctor had put me on prescription Vitamin D because of the "critically low" levels of Vitamin D in my blood. So far, I have brought my levels up to half (!) what they should be.
My doctor mentioned several other vitamins I'm low on, then (here's the kicker), she said, in passing as we were talking, that I am malnourished. Wow. Nothing like having your doctor call you malnourished to stop you in your tracks. I know I need to eat more healthy food. My body's nutrition has just taken a beating since I've not been eating healthy food much, not taking a multi-vitamin, and still nursing. Now, how stupid do I feel? Little Bit gets all the vitamins first from me; my body keeps the rest (which isn't much right now). How sad is it that I live in America, but I've allowed myself to become malnourished?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Meltdowns and Wildflowers

Little Bit has started having a complete meltdown as opposed to snuggling up to me when he gets home from daycare. He smiles and holds out his arms for me as DH brings him inside the house like usual, but between then and the few seconds it takes for DH to remove his shoes, he just runs "out of good". Lil' Bit throws himself down onto the floor and cries and cries. I ask him if he wants various things to try to find out what's wrong, but he just keeps answering, "No!" I guess he's just tired and overstimulated/overwhelmed from his day. I hope that he starts learning to communicate those feelings soon. It's hard sometimes to see him so overwhelmed and feel powerless to help him.

If he's not too overtired, we can manage to distract him from his meltdown. "Where's your left foot?" I'll ask him. He gleefully holds up a leg, sometimes the correct one, sometimes not. We also discovered that pulling up your shirt and playing your belly like a drum elicits laughs; he will copy you by pulling up his shirt and pounding on his belly. Distraction, distraction, distraction.

On Saturday, DH and I got an afternoon "off". Friends came over for a babysitting playdate. DH and I were going to go to a movie, but couldn't agree on one. Instead, we decided to window shop in old town League City. Before we got there though, we made a quick stop at two children's resale shops. Yes, it was our date time, and we still couldn't get completely away from parenting. *laugh*

League City is very much a small Texas town, even though it's right next to NASA and the big city of Houston. There is a strip of fun little shops in Victorian houses in the old part of town. Browsing the old town shops and buying a few things was wonderfully relaxing. The shops were so *not* child-friendly with all the fascinating and breakable items on every surface. We returned home with our prizes (some yummy Almond Cream coffee and lovely lavender soap for me).

I ordered some Texas/Oklahoma wildflower seeds from Native American seeds. The seeds arrived yesterday. When I told DH that I had gotten several specific kinds of seeds, as well as the "Texas-Oklahoma Native Roadside Mix" of wildflower seeds, he said [thick Southern drawl] "Ah-round he-ah, we call dem weeds." [end thick Southern drawl]