Monday, March 31, 2008

His vocabulary just keeps growing!

Little Bit's language devlopment is just growing leaps and bounds. We are also getting better at understanding what he's saying, especially using context to help decode his toddler-speak.

DH (changing Little Bit's diaper): Oooooo!! Stinky diaper!!

Little Bit (questioning whether he has the right word or not): Poo?

DH (LHAO): Yes, poo!

Another quick scene:

Me (trying to get the breakable pretty out of Little Bit's hands)

DH: Of course he wants it. Mommy wanted it too, but she has a credit card!


N said...

Ahahaha! Little Bit is funny, but DH is funnier. Never mind, LB has time to catch up.

Avonlea said...

Yeah, DH can be pretty funny. It's good when he can make me laugh. Though sometimes his puns fall very flat. ;-)