Monday, March 10, 2008

Next stop, Hawaii

Happy news, happy news!! We are going to Hawaii for a vacation next month. I happened to be surfing the interweb and found out about some awesome airfare deals (basically half price!). We were planning to go this fall anyway, but we just moved the plans up. I'm a little afraid of the 8 hr plane ride with a toddler, but we will just have to take turns amusing him, walking him up and down the aisle, etc. It's going to be so fun to introduce him to the ocean.

On other news, something I meant to write about and hadn't yet - my doctor had put me on prescription Vitamin D because of the "critically low" levels of Vitamin D in my blood. So far, I have brought my levels up to half (!) what they should be.
My doctor mentioned several other vitamins I'm low on, then (here's the kicker), she said, in passing as we were talking, that I am malnourished. Wow. Nothing like having your doctor call you malnourished to stop you in your tracks. I know I need to eat more healthy food. My body's nutrition has just taken a beating since I've not been eating healthy food much, not taking a multi-vitamin, and still nursing. Now, how stupid do I feel? Little Bit gets all the vitamins first from me; my body keeps the rest (which isn't much right now). How sad is it that I live in America, but I've allowed myself to become malnourished?

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