Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Ten

1. Dressing an almost 21-month old todder *is* like trying to dress an octopus. I've resorted to bodily holding him down with my leg in full-on WWF* style while putting on his shirt.

Well, it could be World Wildlife Fund style, I guess. WWE for 'rassling just doesn't sound right

2. It's just good time management to go grocery shopping while out together on date night.

3. When a male coworker asks what you have in the bag from the microwave, he doesn't really want to know that you were steam-sterilizing breastpump parts.

4. I don't really remember many childhood nursery songs or have any on CD or Ipod, but Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" is a great substitute. "Sexy Back" is good, too.

5. DVR is a godsend.

6. I went from considering making all his baby food from fresh ingredients (didn't have time to do it anyway) to picking up Happy Meals at McD's for him. It's chicken, right? And if we get the apple slices instead of fries...It's fine. Really.

7. Moving with a toddler means that your house will be unpacked once he's left for college. He needs all our attention when he's awake. When he's asleep, I'm too busy surfing the interWeb making cakes and cookies from scratch to get any boxes unpacked.

8. Rock-paper-scissors is a perfectly fine way to decide who gets up with the oh, man, he's a morning person bouncy toddler and who sleeps in.

9. Once said toddler reaches almost 21 months, he will start to mimic rock-paper-scissors.

10. Running hugs are the awesomest things in the world.


belinda/shuttle mom said...

about #2:
I thought I was the only one that does that (my youngest just turned 16). There is nothing like going on a romantic dinner and then hitting the 24 hour grocery on the way home!
And #7: We moved 11 years ago and I can still find a sealed box or two or three...

Avonlea said...

#2 - Yep, DH and I laughed at ourself when we decided to stop at the grocery store on the way home from our romantic dinner.

#7 - Though we can't blame it *all* on the little guy. I have boxes that haven't been unpacked and been moved at least twice. We just have too much stuff!

Becca said...

#3 made me smile. I had to pump when my dad was in town once and he looked all over the house for the noise because he didn't know we had an "inkjet printer".

Avonlea said...

Becca, that'so funny! When my parents were visiting after Little Bit was born, my dad asked me if he needed a breathing treatment (after the big scare). I told him, no, that's my breastpump. Dad got very flustered/embarassed.