Friday, February 29, 2008

This is an awful lot like work!

It looks like this weekend will have mild weather, so I'm looking forward to doing some more planting, pruning, etc in our yard. Last Saturday, DH , Little Bit, and I met some friends at a nursery. It was gorgeous weather to be outside wandering through rows and rows of bright flowers. Our friends kept an eye on Little Bit so I didn't have to worry about where he was while I picked out plants and flowers for our backyard. Little Bit played "chase me" with them around the rows of plants. He found and lost sticks to poke things with. He jumped up and down. He was a tired, happy little boy by the end of the trip. After we all ate, Little Bit fell asleep on the drive home. I love the sound of his soft snoring.

Then, on Sunday, DH and I worked outside planting and doing yard maintenance. Little Bit kept me company in the backyard. He got to run around, stack and re-stack empty flower pots, paw through the bark mulch, and just generally have fun getting his hands dirty. So, he had a great weekend and so did we.

I'm finding great satisfaction in seeing the colorful flowers I picked out in the backyard - purple, yellow, reddish-pink. I've also got some Texas wildflower seeds on the way through mailorder that I'll throw down around the front trees. I have to keep myself from re-doing all the landscaping *right now* because I'm impatient. But, the costs would really add up. So, for now I need to content myself with what plants I've already bought and what I can grow from seeds (much less expensive than buying 3-gallon grown plants).

In reference to my post title, yes, all the turning over of the flower beds, pulling up dead shrubs, and digging, etc was an awful lot like work, but still fun.


shuttle mom said...

I wanna go to Hawaii!!!
And you need to stop by for one of our family Sunday dinners. I promise after a few of those you will not be malnourished.

Avonlea said...

If there are still any tickets at the lower price left, most of the airlines have discounted prices on fares until the first week of June!

What time is dinner? ;-)