Monday, February 4, 2008

Hands are for...

I think I need to buy this book. We are well into the the hitting-biting-kicking toddler stage. It's wonderful to see Little Bit develop into his own person (who loves to dance and help clean). This little person has his own wants and opinions. We can't always give him what he wants. He can't communicate well enough to say, "I am very upset that I can't do this, Mother." Hence, the problem.

He loves to play outside, especially with his "baw-baw" (ball). It was rainy here yesterday morning, so we had to tell him we couldn't go outside. He couldn't communicate his disappointment and upset any other way besides crying and kicking. In other cases, he hits if he doesn't want his diaper changed or he doesn't want to get into the car seat. He throws things - for fun and when he is mad. We tell him no and take the thrown toy away. He cries, then tries to hit. DH says (half? jokingly) that I just need to be faster about catching his hand before he hits me.

I wish that I was calm and collected everytime this happens. Yet, there is nothing to make me go from calm to Def-con 2 like getting slapped in the face by my child. Sometimes I just have to put him down and walk away abruptly, which many times will cause him to cry harder. Then, the guilt washes over me. So I take a breath and come back, pick him up, hug him tight, and comfort him. I just wish we knew what else to do. Perhaps the answer is just getting through it until he develops more language.

Little Bit turns many things into a "stick" to hit things with or to threaten with. The Swiffer mop becomes a weapon. The paper towel tube becomes a weapon. Do little girls do this? I wonder sometimes, does he do that because he is a little boy? Is it really hard-wired? It does make me laugh when he takes things like a small box or a stacking cup and puts it on his hand as a "weapon". Then he gestures threateningly with his hand, while growling fiercely. Oh, no, it's the Dread Pirate Cup-Hand!!

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