Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Make Milk. What's *Your* Superpower?

Aww, darnit, I missed the Breast Fest virtual nurse-in back in October, brought to the net by the League of Maternal Justice (what an awesome name). Thankfully, I've never had someone tell me (illegally) to cover up or leave someplace while breastfeeding in public, but many other moms have. When you stop to think about it -- what's so sexual about a lump of fat and mammary glands? A mom should not have to feel embarrassed because of other people's sexual hangup.

So, here is a beautiful video montage of happy, nursing babies brought to you by the LOMJ.

And yay to YouTube for seeing the light and reinstating the video (see here).

BTW, this reminds me of a conversation with DH last week when all of us were sick.

DH: Why aren't you helping me make the bed?

Me: You're doing a great job.

DH: *I* was at work all day even though I'm sick.

Me: *I* was at home with a sick baby making him food from my very own body!

DH: {silence}...

Yep, what can he say to that. *evil laugh*


Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

It's a beautiful thing. Gotta support that.

Avonlea said...

Definitely! It's so good for the baby and the mom.