Monday, January 7, 2008

They's only boobs, ya'll!**

DH was changing Little Bit into pajamas, while I settled into the rocker to get ready to nurse him. Little Bit laughed his little happy anticapatory laugh that he does when he's about to eat. DH commented to me as he handed Little Bit over, "He's thinking, 'Booooobs!!!"

Little Bit looked up at me and chimed right back, "Boooooos!!"

I knew it wouldn't be much longer before we had to curb which words we used around him. :-)

**Courtesy of a funny story from The Bloggess.


Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...


Hailey's first word was "boob".

For real.

We left it out of the baby book on purpose.

Avonlea said...

*LOL!* Little Bit's first word was kitty.

Nina said...

I imagine him saying "Boooooobs" with exactly the same intonation as a zombie would say "Braiiiiiiiins"....

Hiya!! That's a cute little 'un you've got there. I'm so sorry to read of his terrifying first few weeks, but he looks wonderful now (even though I'm sure he's not too thrilled about having things stuck in his ears).

Avonlea said...

*laugh* Oh, no, he says it with much more enthusiasm than a zombie!

His ears seem to be doing fine.