Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

DH and I tried some celebratory eggnog with brandy last night. Not having had brandy in eggnog before, we didn't know what kind to get. The Spec's employee recommended one that "wasn't rotgut", but also wouldn't be a waste of fine brandy. He got it right. I must say, I have a new favorite drink. The brandy added just the right depth to the eggnog.

In fine Southern tradition, we had black-eyed peas today for good luck and prosperity in the coming year. I talked to my parents this evening: Dad said they had black-eyed peas, collard greens (for money in the coming year), and ham. (Not sure what that's for. Maybe ham in the coming year?) Dad said it hadn't worked so far, but maybe someday it will, and they would get some extra cash and prosperity. I find it amusing that in such an urban place as Houston, the grocery store shelves were almost bare of canned black-eyed peas last night.

We went shopping today for new shoes for Little Bit. If he grows into his feet, he's going to be very tall. This time, instead of just buying shoes the next half size up by myself (which were too big), I knew we had to take Little Bit along. Different brands of kids' shoes do not actually measure the same. We found several cute pairs (not in Little Bit's size of course), then found a pair of white sneakers, size 6 1/2 that were *just* right. The sneakers have lights in the heels and lights on the top velcro. I never thought I would buy this kind of shoe for my child. They seem kind of over-the-top.

Little Bit protested mightily while we tried on the new shoes, but once we showed him that they lit up....well, he sat in the shopping cart gazing in fascination at his feet, kicking the heels together so they would light up. OK. Kid's shoes with lights in them aren't so bad.


Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Mmmmm...Brandy in anything is nice.

Avonlea said...

Yes, it was so good! I'm not a big drinker...but I was wanting some more eggnog and brandy yesterday morning! :-)