Monday, January 14, 2008

Random things

  • Little Bit now has his own step-stool. Starting last Thursday night, he stands on it in front of the sink "brushing" his teeth (more like holding the toothbrush in his mouth, then wanting mom to turn on the water again) like a big boy.
  • He has discovered the most annoying set of syllables/sounds known to humankind. Yesterday, he kept making an "uh-hhuh" sound, which at first I thought was him trying to say, "outside" because he kept bringing me his shoes and pointing outside. However, he kept doing it, with a particular whining sound that goes right to the base of my brain, all afternoon long. DH thought it was amusing how much it got on my nerves.
  • Little Bit is no longer afraid of his Christmas pony. On Saturday morning, he was rocking on it (with dad's help to steady him, of course). The pony makes neighing sounds and shakes its head and tail when you press the ear. Lil' Bit thinks that the ride is over as soon as the horse stops making noises.

  • On Friday, my new Christmas toy from DH finally arrived (it was on backorder). It's the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. It's so cool. I can surf the internet anywhere there is a wi-fi hotspot (or I can hook it up by Bluetooth to my cell phone for internet access). It's basically the size of an I-phone. Its OS is Linux based, so there are a ton of open-source applications written by the community for it. I can do internet calls over Skype (with or without the webcam), I can listen to mp3s and watch videos. I can update my blog. It has a GPS receiver and map software. The touchscreen is gorgeous, full-color. I also really like the slide-out keyboard. Though for serious typing, I think I need to get a Bluetooth full-size keyboard. I plan to use it for a lot of PDA functionality, maybe for work/meetings, and for just plain old surfing.

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