Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let me do it!!

Little Bit is definitely well into the "Let me do it!!" stage. ;-) He reaches for the wipe/napkin I use to wipe his mouth and hands at mealtime. Then, he wipes his hands, pats his mouth, wipes his head (!), and also sometimes wipes the table. He loves to help. He finds paper or something on the floor and marches over to the trashcan to drop it in. Just like his cousin Bethany, he loves to clean, though he doesn't do it in such fancy duds. He insists on taking the Swiffer from me and industriously running it over the floors. Last night, while Swiffering the carpet, he picked up and handed me my dirty clothes that I had dropped on the floor earlier. (You can be sure I'll be reminding him of that when he's a teenager.)

When he's finished with his breakfast, now that he sits at the table in a regular chair most times, he picks up his plate and carries it over to the kitchen counter. If there are still bits of waffle on it, they get dumped as he reaches over his head to place it on the counter. I guess they teach them to put away their plates at daycare. Or maybe it's just that he is also well into imitating big people. Mom and Dad put their plates on the counter, so he should too. While Lil' Bit and I both brushed our teeth the other night, he bent over and pretended to spit out toothpaste just like his mom. It was kind of sweet.

At least having a toddler reminds DH and I to keep the coffee table de-cluttered because DS (Dear Son) will always grab the items within reach. As soon as he's discovered, he takes off at a run with DH or I running behind, saying, "Come here!" or "Give me that!" Once he's cornered, he uses the clever gambit of throwing the item so he's not actually caught with it.

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