Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Birthdays, books, and bouncy what?

May is one of our busiest months. There is our wedding anniversary, Mother's Day, my birthday, and Little Bit's birthday to celebrate. We didn't get a babysitter for our anniversary, but got one for a few days after my birthday for our big celebration date. DH and I saw a movie (at the movie theater!), had dinner, and even browsed a bookstore. It was great. Little Bit got to run his little legs off. Two teenage girls, our babysitter and her friend, have enough energy to *almost* keep up with a toddler.

I love to wander around the bookstore with a cup of some sort of coffee flavored, creamy, sugary goodness. Sometimes I buy books. Other times I just window shop. I used to do it a lot after work, BC (before child). I had wanted to go bookstore browsing on Mother's Day, but it didn't work out. It's so nice to just be. To not have to be constantly watching where LB is and what he's gotten his hands on. Buying something for me isn't bad either.

At the beginning of May, Little Bit's daycare teachers had the class plant and then water seeds for several weeks. On Mother's Day weekend, they sent each child's sprouted plant home in its Styrofoam cup, decorated with stickers and crayons scribbles. It was my first 'flowers' from my baby boy. They are sitting on the back porch where I can see them everyday.

We are celebrating Little Bit's birthday with a party at our house - just snacks and cake, nothing fancy. It allows us to also have friends over for that housewarming party we never had last fall. Hopefully we won't have any accidents from little ones or adults tripping over the piles of still packed moving boxes.

Maybe one day we'll do a big birthday party for Little Bit, complete with water slide and a bouncy house. We saw one of those parties at a public park during our Hawaii vacation. I was really wishing they had an adult size water slide, and that I was brave enough to crash the party.

Speaking of bouncing, I noticed that most of my google hits have been for my post about boobs. I had to laugh at that. So, here ya go, it's time to draw in some more hits. :-)

I may have given Little Bit life, but he gave me boobs. For which I am very grateful. Not only is breastfeeding good for his health and mine, it's a natural breast enhancer. How cool is that?


shuttle mom said...

Happy Everything!
Still laughing at "natural breast enhancer", but it is so true.

Avonlea said...


Yes, the "natural breast enhancer" part of it is great. I'm a little afraid of what will happen once I'm done nursing, though! =:-)