Monday, September 8, 2008

A Par-tay

Blogtations is having a party! They are marching towards the 500th blogtation quote! As part of the party, I'm posting two of my favorite quotes from Blogtations.

Middle Twerp has some type of oral fixation. The child was born with a quarter, three army men, and a Bic pen top in his mouth. Seriously. I just held out my hand as I laid in the stirrups and told him in a firm voice, Spit those out. The doctors were a little perplexed, but I knew it was just the beginning of what was to come. ~ Dreams of a Country Girl

Do you know what's awesome? You can lie around in bed all day with your plaid adult version of a child's security blanket, consuming Doritos and crunchy coffee from a three-day-old mug, and your cats will have no idea that you are completely pathetic and probably undermedicated. ~ Schmutzie

If you haven't read Blogtations before, go check 'em out! If you want to join the par-tay, and possibly win a $50 Amazon gift certificate, check out the rules.

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