Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm driving a new car

I had way too much excitement on the way home yesterday. A guy turned left into the side of my car, crumpled the passenger door and the car frame and kept going. The idiot had scraped off his license plate with my car door, so now he’s going to get a ticket for hit and run, too. Dumba$$. I wasn’t hurt, but it remains to be seen whether the insurance company decides my car is fixable or a lost cause.

Lots of witnesses gave me their business cards in case I needed their testimony, and two of them even drove after him to try to get his license plate number (not knowing he’d left his front plate at the scene).

I've happily had no car payment on my car for three years now and would be glad to keep driving it. I hope they can fix it. At least Little Bit wasn't in the car with me, though, and I wasn't hurt. I have a 2008 rental for now. I suppose I'll think a little about what kind of new(er) car I might want. I suspect that the cost to fix my old car will be at least as much as, if not more than, what it's worth.


Rachel said...

Eeep -- glad you weren't hurt! It's way too funny that he drove off and left his license plate behind.

Hope all gets resolved with the insurance company without too much stress...

Avonlea said...

Yeah, talk about instant karma! After filling out a report with me, the police officer was headed over to his apartment. One of the witnesses who followed him said he got to his apartment and got out and was standing there talking to someone like nothing had happened, even though his front bumper was hanging off.

I bet he was drunk or uninsured or something which is why he ran.