Thursday, July 17, 2008

That darn mouse

We may have really created a monster. Little Bit has not been himself the last few weeks. Even daycare has commented on it; any change can throw him for a loop and into a crying tantrum. The only big change we can think of has been letting him watch more tv lately. Now he wakes early, saying, "Mickey!! TV!" He cries when I tell him it's too early (hello, 5 am), but will go back to sleep for awhile. Later we let him watch cartoons while we get ready for the day. Some evenings, not every one, we let him watch a recorded episode of Mickey Mouse. But, oh, boy, the tantrums, when it's time to turn off the tv to put on shoes and go to daycare or to brush teeth and go to bed. I've not seen him have such tantrums as these so regularly. I want my sweet baby boy back who gleefully runs into the bathroom when I say, "It's time to brush your teeth! Lets go get your step-stool!"

He cries in despair when we want to take off his Thomas the Train nightshirt to put on a t-shirt for the day. He kicks and cries when we try to put on his shoes. He refuses to choose a bedtime story. He screams in anger. We warn him a few minutes before it's time to turn off the tv. We even try to give him choices (which of these shirts or which shoes do you want), but it doesn't help.

So, internets, any wisdom about two year olds (he'll be 26 months old soon) and tv? DH suggested that we go cold turkey on letting him watch any tv for awhile to get it out of his system. Is the tv the problem or is it just his age?


shuttle mom said...

From my experience it's the age. After going through it with my own, I watched my grandchildren continue the cycle.
Hang in there and be firm. You will be tested to your limit and beyond. :)

Jeanne said...

It's probably more the age than anything else. They just go through stuff.

It's all part of their little brains developing, as they learn that the way they behave can affect aspects of their lives.
TV can definitely influence them, no doubt about that, but I think that acting out at that age would happen with or without TV.

I remember the first time my oldest's temperament changed when she was young, I questioned everything. Now that I've lived through change after change with two kids, I've learned to just ride it

Anonymous said...

It might be a little bit of both. Our second boy was addicted to pajamas when he was 2, that's just 2.

But all our kids freaked out when we decided the tv had had its reign in our house. We bought an armoire for the tv and locked it when it was off. We let the kids pick a couple shows and sure we use it as a treat, but mostly we try to keep it off. It was like DETOXING them in the beginning, but trust me it was so worth it. They don't stay little long and your (& His!) best memories won't be of Mickey or Thomas. Good luck!