Thursday, October 16, 2008

His vocabulary is expanding

Last week, we were getting ready to go out to eat dinner. I started to buckle Little Bit into his carseat.

He said, "I poo-poo."

I said, "Oh, son," thinking about having to unbuckle him and change his diaper, "Did you really poo-poo?"

He answered, "No, I just farted."

Bwah-hahahaha! DH and I fell over laughing. I'm so proud; he's only 2.


My parents just left yesterday from a long weekend visit. When they arrived late last Friday night, Little Bit woke up as usual about 11 pm. He smiled shyly at them and hid his face, then flirted with them from the protection of my arms. We could tell that he remembered them from the last time he saw them about 5.5 months ago. They were so tickled that he remembered them.

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