Friday, October 24, 2008

Hot, hot, hot!

Something fun to do tomorrow here in Houston --
The Houston Fire Fest will take place 10/25/08 from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the HFD Training Facility located by Hobby Airport (8030 Braniff). Admission is FREE!

Further information is available at the following Web site:

One of my coworkers mentioned it today. Maybe there will be some hot firemen there, too. Heh. Little Bit will love the big fire trucks.

The other night, Little Bit sat on the toilet at home for the first time! They've been doing potty training at daycare -- having him sit on the potty and sometimes he goes. I haven't been too stressed about potty training. Sarah, over at life at 45 degrees, and I have the same potty training philosophy:

Part of me hopes that one day, as we near his 3rd birthday, he will grab a copy of the NY Times, announce that he needs some privacy and then abscond to the bathroom for 20 minutes, returning with freshly washed hands and saying, "I need real underwear. The ones with Thomas on them. Let's go to Target."

But the other night, as DH was getting Little Bit ready for bed, LB asked to go to the potty. I heard them go into the bathroom and DH put LB onto the toilet.
Little Bit said proudly, "I be big boy!"

I tip-toed to the edge of the door and peeked around to see our little guy perched on the big toilet. That's how unhurried we are about training - we don't even have a potty seat to put on top the toilet. He just had to balance so he wouldn't fall in. Little Bit saw me peeking around the corner and grinned, then ducked his head shyly.

It was so cute to see him perched on the edge of that big toilet, with his little bare legs dangling. I was tempted to take a pic of him, but I didn't want to distract him if he was actually going to use it. He didn't, but maybe next time he just needs some reading material.

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sarah said...

So cute! I think Ethan would just fall right into our regular toilet! LOL