Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pissed off

I am so, so pissed right now at daycare. At one of the teachers there. Little Bit was favoring his left arm, holding it close to his body in his right hand. When we tried to examine it, he cried and said it hurt. After asking him about it, we found out that apparently he had been climbing (something, not sure what) yesterday, when Miss So-and-So grabbed his arm and hurt him. Several bruises have appeared on that arm. "I in trouble....I in baby's room." The sad thing is, since they consolidated the Twos and Threes by the end of the day as kids left, Little Bit felt he was being punished by going back to the "baby's room." He said, "I no big kid. I baby." Oh, man, if that woman said something like that to him...It. is. on. As it is, she fu@#$ing grabbed my baby roughly enough to at least sprain his wrist and leave bruises.

DH is at the ER with Little Bit now to get Little Bit's wrist/arm looked at and x-rayed. I have to be here at work instead of with my baby. Little Bit is really being a trooper about his arm. You can tell it really hurts if it is moved. He didn't want to move his left hand or arm at all. He said this morning, "I go doctor for my boo-boo. No go school."

I'll update later when I hear what the doctor says.

Update: The doctor at the ER confirmed that it was "nursemaid's elbow, a dislocation of the elbow caused by a jerking motion on the child's arm. He said it's the most common pediatric complaint because the ligaments are still loose in toddlers. The doctor took some scans just in case, but saw nothing unusual. He popped the elbow back into place and gave Little Bit a sling. I met DH and Little Bit at the local bagel shop so I could see my baby and see he was ok. Between arriving at the bagel shop and staying long enough to eat, Little Bit's arm was obviously feeling much better. He had straightened the arm out so that the sling has slipped partially off, and he was using it.

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TxGambit said...

Oh girl! I am so sorry!!! I had something like that happen with my youngest.... Only it was a broken collarbone. Oh yeah. I never took him back, continued to stay home a bit longer... At least until he was old enough to talk about his day.

I hope Little Bit heals well and doesn't remember this for long... Hugs, mama!