Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Everyone has to follow the same rules!

Scene: We were heading home from picking up Little Bit at daycare with DH driving and me in the passenger seat. DH was talking and not quite paying enough attention to the stopped traffic ahead of us. As DH slammed on the brakes, I sucked in my breath and tried to keep from screeching. We stopped just before hitting the car in front of us.

DH said, "You can hit me."
I reached over and hit his arm for scaring me like that.

Little Bit piped up from the back seat, "No hitting!"

Updated to add: DH wants it known that he thinks I was exaggerating about slamming on the brakes and such. He says we came to a quick, but controlled stop. Yeah, ok.


TxGambit said...

Ack! I hate that. Even when I am paying attention (like today), it happens all too often.

It just takes one person making a mistake, turning suddenly or whatever to mess everyone else up.

Avonlea said...

There have been numerous times where I've happened to look back at the road at just the right time to avoid an accident. Now I'm so glad I can change/surf radio stations from my steering wheel.