Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween: the laid-back version

I will upload the cute pics of Little Bit in his Halloween costume soon. He picked out his costume at Toys R Us weeks and weeks ago - a fuzzy Tigger costume, with a tail and ears. Oh, the cuteness. Makes me want to nom-nom-nom his rounded little cheeks. The costume was a 4T, which, we thought, oh that's too big, but let's try it on him in the store anyway. It fit our "little" guy perfectly. Lesson learned -- trying on the costumes in person is the way to go. If I had ordered him one on the internetz, I would've ordered a 3T.

Unlike last year's Halloween, which consisted of taking him to *one* house next door before he melted down, this year, we took Little Bit to *three* houses. Yeah, we're pacing ourselves. You can see last year's Halloween costume on the side of the blog. Of course he was an astronaut! The fun thing this year was that he knew what was going on. After dinner, when we wondered aloud if he would be up to putting on a costume, he lobbied for, "Twick'r Tweet! Twick'r Tweet!"

He loved looking at the decorations and the pumpkins in the yards (real and fake). One house had a motion-sensor activated tombstone that cackled. Little Bit was not sure about that at all. He clung to his dad's pants leg and let Dad take the lead. We got lots of great video and picures, then retired to our house. We got Little Bit into his pjs, gave him some small pieces of candy, and he watched "Max and Ruby". I'd say we timed it about right. We went out a bit early, before dark, because we knew a late night would be a recipe for meltdown central. He had a great time, got some candy, and did not meltdown.

Getting him to bed was a bit of an adventure. As it got dark, our doorbell rang numerous times. Little Bit gleefully got down from his bed where we were reading and ran to the door. He wanted to see the other kids in their costumes. He also asked repeatedly for candy from the big bowl on the bookshelf by the door. Finally, DH sat outside on our porch with the bowl of candy, so I could get Little Bit to sleep without any more doorbells.

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belinda/shuttle mom said...

Please do post a picture! He is so cute.
We weren't home for Halloween and missed passing out candy. We have the smashed mailbox to prove it.