Monday, November 24, 2008

What's a Nice Date Without Barf on Your Clothes?

On Saturday night, DH and I were going out for a real, grown-up, dress-up, cocktail attire, date. We got to my friend's house to drop off Little Bit. He had fallen asleep in the car and was draped over my shoulder, as I rang the doorbell. My mommy senses were tingling though, when I heard his breathing sound a little funny. Just as my friend opened the door, Little Bit barfed. I was quick to turn him around, but he still nailed the shoulder of my velvet outfit...and my friend's patio.

*grin* Hi, here's a barfy toddler for you, bye! No, actually, Little Bit was fine after that; he had just gotten carsick. So, we changed his shirt, wiped my shirt off, and left for our date. And a fun time was had by all.

Last night, DH and I finally got the answer to the burning question that has been haunting us for did Joe take over from Steve on Blue's Clues? Yes, sad isn't it? There is a whole Blue's Clues Debate about Steve vs. Joe, but Little Bit doesn't seem to have a preference. He just says, "I li'ke Blue's Clues!!" When the special hour and a half Blue's Clues started yesterday, I called DH to tell him it was the Steve to Joe transition episode, the one we'd been waiting for! Yeah, I told you it was sad.

Steve shaved his head and has a rock band and a myspace page. Who knew Steve was kinda cool? I always thought early Joe was cuter than Steve, but Steve is kinda cute with a shaved head.

With all the kid's tv that we watch, there are many burning questions that keep us up at night. Do you ever wonder where Max and Ruby's parents are? Where were Steve and Joe's parents? Why was Steve living alone? Why was Joe living somewhere else? Is Little Bear the same bear that is on Franklin? What is up with that wacky family on Miss Spider? DH keeps commenting on the fact that Miss Spider should be eating most of her adopted kids. And seriously, earwigs?!? *shudder*

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TxGambit said...

hee, hee.... I have no real comment but I swear I have had many of the same thoughts. Glad we are past that phase of TV though... I can stop thinking about it. :)