Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More quotes from our toddler

DH comes into the room after overhearing me on the phone with my mom.
DH: Who's whining and not listening?
Little Bit (putting his hand on his chest): Me!!
Last night, after I put Little Bit into his chair at the dinner table, he made his seating preferences clear...
Little Bit: I sit by Mama....Daddy far away!
During dinner, Little Bit will sometimes encourage us to share. If I put parmesan cheese on my spaghetti, Little Bit asks for some on his food, then says, "Daddy some." I have to put some cheese on DH's food, too.

DH and I had finished reading bedtime stories, and Little Bit was climbing into my lap for his 'nah-nah' (nursing). Little Bit settled into my lap, said "Daddy nah-nah," and then started nursing. I tried not to crack up too much. He was willing to share his nah-nah with Daddy!


belinda said...

Willing to share his "nah nah" is a big deal. Anytime hubby got near me while I was holding a kid, they'd cover my boobs and sternly tell him "MINE! GO WAY!"

Avonlea said...

*laugh* Yeah, Little Bit has also said to his dad, "MY nah-nah!!" before nursing.