Friday, November 21, 2008

Obviously I Need a Lexus

Apparently when I switched from driving my old SUV to my new Accord, all the local streets and parking lots moved higher in response.

Those rat bastards.

I could post a close-up of the gouged, scratched, and peeled-up metal of the lower side of my new car, but it's too depressing. Who decided to put large concrete curbs around those posts at daycare, anyway?!?

And seriously, why do you need curbs around a useless piece of dead grass in a parking lot?!? That one got the *other* side of my car today!

I won't even talk about all the concrete curbs in parking spaces that have defiled my front bumper. I need electronic sensors around my car.

So, either they're out to get me or...nah, as my DH knows, it's never my fault. I blame the Romans.

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